Hai... long time no see... Member aku dah tegur suh update blog dah.. hehehe... Lately busy cikit coz asyik layan movie ngan drama je. So online pun jarang-jarang. Emm... tadi mase tengok drama 'SILENCE' ada input yang aku dapat. So, I just want to share with you all.. Check it out!

" As long as you are alive, you should have no right to regret. Regret is what the people, who are leaving the world say. It doesn't matter if you can accomplish your goal or not, it's more the fact that you try your best to accomplish it. Then there will be no regret. "

" If you have no dream, then you have to walk to an higher ground. You can try jumping. Look at this world from the high place, you will find that this world is very different from what you think. Look at the sky above your head, look at the people at your feet. Even if you have no dream, you should still have a responsibilities."

p/s : translatelah ikut pahaman anda masing-masing. Setiap orang punye pandangan berbeza...


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